Columbia Gas performing work in Notch area Wednesday

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

As part of a project to expand natural gas service to customers in eastern Goochland County, on Wednesday, May 9, Columbia Gas will be performing a safe and controlled flaring of natural gas in the Notch commercial area near West Broad Street and Route 288. The flaring operation is scheduled to start in the morning and is expected to be concluded by the end of the day.

This work is required to purge air from new pipeline facilities before placing them into service. The purging procedure will involve safely flaring natural gas at a single point located near 12592 Broad Street Road, the site of the new West Broad Audi dealership. This work will result in a visible flame and possible “rotten eggs” odor of natural gas in the immediate area. The odor will diminish quickly as work is concluded. The company is notifying local fire and police officials of this procedure.

In accordance with standard safety procedures, Columbia Gas of personnel will respond to any reports of natural gas odor. Please contact the Columbia Gas emergency response number at 800.544.5606 or call 911 with any odor concerns.

Natural gas is lighter-than-air, odorless and colorless in a natural state. As a safety measure, a chemical is added to natural gas to give it an unpleasant “rotten eggs” odor.