Columbia Gas companies named 2018 Environmental Champion

Monday, May 07, 2018

Columbia Gas of Kentucky and Columbia Gas of Virginia together have been named 2018 Environmental Champions by Market Strategies International, a leading provider of research and consulting services to utility management. The designation was awarded based on data from Market Strategies’ Cogent Reports™ study 2018 Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement™: Residential.

The study shows that demand for programs to help consumers manage their energy use and reduce their own environmental footprint has seen a steady increase over the past four years. In honor of Earth Day, Market Strategies awarded the 2018 Environmental Champion designations to 43 utilities.

In its announcement of the 2018 Environmental Champions, Market Strategies said that in order to become an Environmental Champion a utility needs to show customers its dedication to supporting the environment by promoting clean energy, enabling consumption management, facilitating environmental causes, encouraging environmentally friendly fleets and buildings, and consistently seeking ways to protect the environment.

“Columbia Gas is always looking for ways to be better stewards of our environmental resources,” said Columbia Gas of Kentucky President Herbert A. Miller, Jr. “Part of that effort is helping our customers learn more about how they can use energy wisely through programs like home energy checkups.”

“We are proud to offer programs that enhance comfort and boost energy efficiency, while helping customer manage bills and reduce their carbon footprint,” Columbia Gas of Virginia President Brent Archer added. “That commitment extends to all aspects of our operations, as part of our promise to deliver safe, reliable and efficient service to all Columbia customers.”