Residential Low Income Program

Residential Low Income Program

The WarmWise Residential Low Income Program is designed to help Columbia Gas of Virginia’s low income residential customers achieve energy efficiency in their homes through the direct installation of free energy-saving measures. 

To learn more about how to obtain assistance with energy efficiency improvements through the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), administered by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), please see Related Links on this page.

Columbia Gas customers currently enrolled in the company’s HeatShare Energy Assistance Program, the Virginia Department of Social Services Fuel Fund Program or if the household income level is at 175% or below of Federal Poverty Guidelines are eligible to participate if: 1) they have natural gas water heating equipment in their homes, and 2) they have not previously participated in the DHCD’s Weatherization Assistance Program.  Customer enrollment and participation include the following steps:

  1. Complete, sign and return the program application to the address listed on the application.

  2. Columbia Gas or its designated installation contractor, will contact approved customers to schedule the site visit to install the free energy-saving measures, which include faucet aerators, high-efficiency shower heads, and water heater pipe insulation.

  3. During the site visit, customers will also receive information and directions on contacting DHCD to enroll in their Weatherization Assistance Program, which targets preserving or rehabilitating existing housing by addressing indoor plumbing, weatherization, and emergency repairs to homes with imminent health and safety hazards and lead safety for homes with small children.

  4. Contact Columbia Gas of Virginia at 804-777-3077 for more information.