Residential Customers

Qualifying Equipment

Limited quantities available - don't miss this opportunity to save.

Qualifying equipment and efficiency requirements are listed below. All efficiency measures must have been purchased and installed on or after January 1, 2016.

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High-Efficiency Gas Furnace

Rebate Amount: $300 per unit

Replace your current furnace and purchase a new high-efficiency natural gas furnace with an AFUE of more than or equal to 90% and WarmWise will send you $300. This rebate is available to customers in existing homes.

High-Efficiency Windows, Doors and Skylights

Rebate Amount: $1.00 per square foot

Old windows, doors and skylights can be responsible for heat loss in many homes. Replace your current ones with high-efficiency alternatives consistent with the ENERGY STAR specifications for the North-Central climate zone and WarmWise will send you $1.00 per square foot of each replacement window, door or skylight in your existing home.

Attic Insulation & Floor Insulation

Rebate Amounts:

  • Single Family Attic Insulation: $.15 per square foot; $225 cap
  • Multi Family Attic Insulation: $.13 per square foot; $125 cap
  • Floor Insulation: $.40 per square foot; $450 cap

WarmWise offers our customers a cash back rebate for the installation of qualifying attic and floor insulation. Adding or improving insulation can help keep your home warmer during cold weather or cooler during warm weather by reducing heat loss and heat gain. 

To qualify, customers must have existing attic insulation R-0 to R-19, and make installations for a final insulation level greater than or equal to R-38. By installing attic insulation that meets these requirements, single family customers will receive $.15 per square foot for attic insulation up to $225 and multi family customers will receive rebates of $.13 per square foot, for up to $125. 

To qualify for the floor insulation rebate, customers must install upgrades which add at least R-19 to their current rating. Qualified floor insulation purchases will receive rebates of $.40 per square foot up to $450. Customers who invest now will not only save by receiving a rebate but will experience the savings by being more energy efficient.

Contact us at to qualify.

Smart Thermostat

Rebate Amount: $50 per unit
*Please note that funds for this rebate are in high demand and will be depleted prior to the end of the 2017.  

Smart thermostats are wi-fi enabled, provide user friendly programming, wireless control options, and other advanced features such as occupancy sensors and learning capabilities to more accurately control HVAC performance.  Receive a rebate of $50 per unit when you purchase a smart thermostat from the following pre-approved list:

 Nest  Nest Learning Thermostat 1st Generation  n/a
 Nest Learning Thermostat 2nd Generation
 Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation
 ecobee  ecobee3  EB-STATe3-01
 Smart Si  EB-SmartSi-01
 Radio Thermostat  CT-50  CT-50
 CT-80  CT-80
 Honeywell  Lyric  RCH9300WF,
 Lennox S30-Wi-Fi  S30-Wi-Fi
 Schneider Electric Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat


Find one of our independent trade allies here, or contact your preferred independent contractor for an estimate.

Program funding is limited to the levels approved by the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Rebates are processed and approved on a first come, first served basis. If you have any questions regarding the availability of a rebate for a particular energy-savings measure, please do not hesitate to contact our rebate processing center at 877-623-5065 or contact Carla Dix at 804-777-3077. Note, rebate applications that are not submitted in a timely manner or are missing information, dot not include all required documentation or are approved after applicable funding runs out, will be denied rebates.