Business Customers

Save Money with WarmWise!

Rebates are not guaranteed.  Program funding is limited to the levels approved by the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Rebates are processed and approved on a first come, first served basis. 

Business customers can reduce their energy costs by becoming more energy efficient. Your business can receive cash-back rebates for upgrading to energy saving equipment!

WarmWise provides rebates to customers on a commercial rate schedule (SGS 1 and SGS 2, SGTS 1 and SGTS 2 and EDS) through our Business Savings Program.

Free Pre-Rinse Spray Valve

Qualifying business customers can receive free high-efficiency pre-rinse spray valves valued at $30 each. Mail us your completed voucher and once approved, we will send you a free pre-rinse spray valve that can help you save on your energy costs.

Download your voucher.

If you have additional questions, contact the WarmWise Rebate Processing Center at 1-877-623-5065 or email