Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Natural Gas Theft

Natural gas theft puts everyone at risk. It is illegal to turn a gas valve that only a Columbia Gas of Virginia employee should operate, tamper with a natural gas meter or install unauthorized connections to divert natural gas around a meter. These actions endanger our employees and our customers. That is why we investigate theft and prosecute the perpetrators.

Report suspicious activity by calling our Energy Hotline at 1-866-515-9864.

Signs of Possible Natural Gas Theft

Review these signs of natural gas theft and contact us immediately at 1-866-515-9864 if you suspect natural gas theft.

  • Tools jammed into a meter
  • Missing or broken meter seal
  • Anyone other than a Columbia Gas of Virginia employee or authorized contractor working on a gas meter
  • Tubes running from underground pipelines
  • A meter that does not properly display usage
  • Odor of natural gas 

Usage Without Knowledge

Another form of natural gas theft is usage without knowledge. Anyone who uses natural gas must have the service placed in their name and have an account. Anyone who uses natural gas without our knowledge is breaking the law.

How to Prevent Natural Gas Theft

Become familiar with natural gas pipelines and their location in your area. Be observant of suspicious persons or activities around natural gas pipelines and meters. Routinely inspect your meter to make sure no one has tampered with it.

Report Suspicious Activity

If you suspect someone has tampered with or bypassed a meter or might be using natural gas without our knowledge, please call our Energy Hotline at 1-866-515-9864. We will keep your name and all information confidential.

Your call could help save lives and protect property.