Pipeline Safety

Pipeline Safety

How To Identify Natural Gas Pipelines

Our natural gas pipelines are marked in a variety of ways to make it easy for you to identify them both above and below ground.

Above-Ground Markers

Natural gas pipelines are marked above ground with yellow markers and/or flags at regular intervals along the pipeline right-of-way. The markers display our 24-hour emergency telephone number and other identifying information.

Above-ground markers help identify the presence of underground natural gas pipelines but they do not represent the exact location, depth or the number of pipelines in the right-of-way. Do not rely solely on the presence or absence of pipelines markers. Always call 811 before you dig. Learn more about what the utility markings mean at VA811.

Below-Ground Markers

The technology for marking natural gas pipelines below ground is constantly improving. We use a combination of methods depending on the application and construction project.

Tracer Wire

Tracer wire is a thin conductive wire that is typically buried with underground utilities including natural gas, water and sewer. Tracer wire enables us to locate the gas line underground using a handheld location device.

Marker Sphere

Marker spheres are a new technology we use in most construction projects. The yellow sphere contains a passive antenna encased in a waterproof shell. Marker spheres are placed in the ground at regular intervals near the gas pipeline during a construction or maintenance project. Marker sphere technology makes it easier for us to accurately locate our pipelines and cross check data with our GIS system.

Report Suspicious Activity

It is a Federal offense to willfully deface, damage, remove or destroy any natural gas pipeline markers or signs indicating a right-of-way. If you see suspicious activity near a pipeline right of way or mistakenly unearth an underground pipeline marker, please call our 24-hour emergency number at 1-800-544-5606.