GPS Surveying Program

GPS Surveying Program

Columbia Gas of Virginia in Your Neighborhood

Columbia Gas of Virginia began a program which will help protect underground natural gas lines through the use of GPS technology.  This investment will also improve how our technicians respond to an emergency and maintain our facilities.

Technicians will capture the GPS locations of the underground natural gas infrastructure using advanced equipment, providing a level of precision not possible using traditional technologies. Measurements will be performed by qualified company and contractor personnel who are trained on the use of the new technology.  

How does this impact our customers?

Company or contractor technicians will be using light surveying & measurement equipment on individual customer properties. (See pictures of the equipment at bottom of page.)

This work is very similar to the leakage surveys and line locating that the company regularly performs. This phase will not require digging or entry into any buildings.  Although people may be working on or near your property, there should not be any physical changes.  The natural gas facilities are the property of Columbia Gas of Virginia and the work is only being performed on company facilities serving a customer.

This work will not result in any interruption to your gas service.

The program began collection of data in April 2014 and is expected to continue for several years across the state however collection in your neighborhood should last only a few days. Technicians may need to return for follow-up work at a later date.

The work will be performed by personnel from both Columbia Gas of Virginia and our qualified contractors, UtiliQuest LLC and Michael Baker Inc.  Please feel free to contact us at 800.543.8911 to confirm the identification of any person representing themselves as either a Columbia Gas of Virginia employee or qualified contractor.

We will need to walk the natural gas pipelines along your street and the company service line on your property.

 What does the GPS data collection equipment look like?

The equipment may be mounted on a tripod or on a wheel.  At the top is an extremely sophisticated GPS receiver.  The operator uses a keypad to enter data, and the rig includes equipment to locate gas lines. 

 GPS Surveying Equipment