Gas Safety Training

Gas Safety Training

Working Together to Keep Our Communities Safe

Educating our customers and community partners is an important part of keeping our pipelines and communities safe. That’s why we provide free, customized natural gas safety training for emergency responders, public officials, professional excavators and the general public.

Emergency Responders

We offer natural gas safety training at no charge to emergency response teams in our service territory. Fire and EMS, police, volunteer fire departments and corporate fire brigades should consider an on-site class conducted by a Columbia Gas of Virginia safety expert. This 45-minute class includes an overview of the latest Federal safety regulations, a brief safety video and a follow-up question and answer session with one of our natural gas safety experts.

Fire School for Emergency Responders

We also offer hands on training at our Fire School for Emergency Responders. This one-day class is conducted by our team of natural gas safety experts and gives emergency responders a chance to practice their skills with hands-on training.

Public Officials

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our gas distribution system, our emergency preparedness program and how we can work together to keep our pipelines and communities safe.

Professional Excavators

Professional excavators are the most important partner we have when it comes to keeping our pipelines safe from third-party damage. We conduct excavator outreach meetings throughout the year across our service territory to help professional excavators understand Virginia law.

General Public

Are you interested in learning more about natural gas safety for your community group or business organization? We are happy to tailor our discussion to meet your needs.

Contact Us

Contact our Community Relations team to learn more about customized natural gas safety training for your organization.

Karl Brack, Director of Communication and Community Relations