Dig With CARE

Dig With Care

Share the Responsibility and Keep Virginia Safe

Protecting underground utilities is a shared responsibility. We do our part by performing regular maintenance on our pipelines, marking our pipelines with distinctive yellow markers both above and below ground and educating customers and stakeholders about digging with CARE.

Always Call 811 Before You Dig

Please share the responsibility by obeying Virginia law which requires you to always call 811 before you dig. To learn more about the law, known as the Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act, please visit the Virginia 811 web site. Together, we can protect underground utilities and keep Virginia safe!

Dig With CARE - Residential

Don’t tackle your weekend project without having your underground utilities marked. Even simple projects such as planting a tree or installing an invisible dog fence require you to call 811 before you dig. Learn how calling 811 before you dig can help make your next weekend project a success.

Dig With CARE - Professional Excavators

We offer customized damage prevention training for professional excavators working in our service area. Learn how we can work together to protect underground utilities.