Multi-family Contribution Program

At Columbia Gas of Virginia, we continue to find solutions to bring affordable natural gas to our customers. As part of our efforts, we are excited to offer multi-family customers with a contribution toward the installation of natural gas piping and equipment venting.

Download our program brochure or call 1-800-440-6111 to learn more about the program and how natural gas can benefit your new multi-family building.*

Program Details

Under our new five-year pilot program, Columbia Gas can provide a contribution to multi-family builders, developers and owners to off-set their installation costs of natural gas piping and equipment venting (excludes equipment costs). Under this multi-family program, Columbia Gas can offer a maximum contribution of $1,250 per metered unit. Columbia Gas will evaluate a project through its Net Present Value (NPV) model, and up to 80% of the project’s positive NPV can be contributed toward the piping and venting cost of the project.

What defines a multi-family location?

A multi-family location is defined as a dwelling that has one service line with two or more meters. This can include duplexes if it is one service with multiple meters.

What is the maximum contribution amount for the customer?

The maximum contribution amount from Columbia Gas for the customer is $1,250 per activated meter.

How is the contribution determined?

Columbia Gas will run its NPV economic test which takes the cost to serve the project compared to the revenue. If there is a positive NPV, Columbia Gas can make a contribution up to 80% of the positive NPV or up to a maximum of $1,250 per activated meter.

What will the customer have to complete to receive the contribution?

The customer will need to complete a Commitment Agreement and Attachment A form for the number of units associated with the project. Your Columbia Gas representative will help you with this easy process.

When will I receive the contribution?

Once Columbia Gas receives the invoice(s) for installation of piping and venting, and the meters are active, the customer will receive the contribution in the form of a check within 3-4 weeks.

*The Multi-family Line Extension Program will continue in effect until the Company and/or the Virginia State Corporation Commission terminate the Program, or the Program has exhausted authorized Program funds of $2,625,000, or December 21, 2022, whichever occurs first.