Infrastructure Modernization

Infrastructure Modernization

Wellington Community Association - Project Info

Columbia Gas of Virginia, a NiSource Company, (Columbia Gas) has a natural gas easement within the Wellington Community Association. This natural gas pipeline has been in place since November 1953. As part of our proactive effort to modernize our underground infrastructure, Columbia Gas has submitted Lisa Mulloy, Onsite Manager, Sequoia Management Co, Inc. for Wellington Community Association the final proposed agreement to re-route the existing natural gas pipeline easement within Wellington Community Association.  The new pipeline route is necessary needed because of the encroachments which have occurred within the existing fifty (50’) foot wide natural gas pipeline easement.  An easement is required to allow for installation and maintenance of the natural gas pipeline as well as provide a buffer from structures or construction activities.

Columbia Gas has reviewed the current and future demands for natural gas in the Northern Virginia market and has determined that to support growth in the area, the existing eight (8”) inch natural gas pipeline will be replaced with a modern twelve (12”) inch natural gas pipeline.  The proposed new easement route is to avoid removing existing structures found encroaching on the existing easement and to limit the disruption to the community. Columbia Gas appreciates and respects the relationship with our customers and believes this new easement would provide the least impact to the property owners along the existing easement.  The proposed route which will be constructed in common areas around the community.

At the October 18, 2016 Wellington Community Association Homeowners Meeting, Columbia Gas representatives explained that no customer should have their natural gas service interrupted during the new pipeline construction project. You will be kept informed of the project status scheduled to begin in April 2017. Columbia Gas will provide construction updates through the Wellington Community Association and has created a page on our website for your use. Go to (PAGE).

Finally, constructing a natural gas pipeline requires bulldozers, backhoes and other heavy equipment. We will work hard to minimize the noise and construction traffic as we work to install the new natural gas pipeline and restore the disturbed property upon completing the pipe installation. This effort is all part of our commitment in providing you with safe, reliable natural gas service.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this exciting project.

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