Automated Meter Reading

Automated Meter Reading

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Deployment

Beginning April 2013 we will begin a 12-month, $8.8 million project to retrofit our residential and compatible-commercial meters with new automated meter reading (AMR) devices. This project is a continuation of our successful 2007 AMR deployment in northern Virginia.

Scope and Timing

With 140,000 customer meters to retrofit, we are partnering with TruCheck, an experienced and trusted contractor used for similar projects by our sister companies; Columbia Gas of Ohio and Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania.

Our team will tackle this project from four locations at the approximate timeframes shown below:

  • Suffolk - April to October
  • Chester - June to December
  • Lexington/Staunton - August to December
  • Lynchburg - August to November

What is an AMR meter?

AMR meters use wireless, computer technology to transmit gas usage data from the meter to our meter readers who drive specially-equipped company vehicles through neighborhoods.

How will I know if my meter will be equipped with an AMR device?

Postcards will be mailed to customers approximately 2 to 4 weeks ahead of the work. Our contractors will also contact individual homeowners and businesses affected by the work.

What if my meter is not accessible to your contractor?

Our contractor will leave a door hanger with instructions on how to schedule a time for our team to service your meter. We will also make outbound calls to customers and send letters to inform customers of our need to access the meter. Ultimately, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure our team has safe access to our gas meter for this very important upgrade.

What are the benefits of an AMR meter?

Increased meter reading performance
AMR meters will help us provide a higher level of customer service and more accurate billing. With 99% of AMR meters read accurately every month, customers will experience fewer estimated bills or billing errors.

Employee and Contractor Safety
AMR devices also help us keep our meter readers safe with fewer injuries, such as dog bites and slips, trips and falls.

Elimination of meter reading access issues
While most customers keep their meter clear of debris and easily accessible, we do encounter a number of meters that cannot be accessed for reading. With AMR, many of these access issues are eliminated.

Please note: It is still very important that customers continue to provide access to our meter so that we may regularly inspect and service the meter according to our maintenance schedule.