Site Readiness Checklist

Timing your gas service installation for your project is important. Please refer to our site readiness checklist to help us work with you and ensure your project is a success. You can also download this checklist here.

Residential/Commercial Development

  • Phasing conforms to approved project design.
  • You must have your base asphalt run, including curbs and/or gutters, if applicable. This is important since the majority of the pipeline installation will be based on the physical street location.
  • Please notify New Business (800-440-6111) as to what type of pavement will be installed – blacktop, cement, asphalt, brick, etc.
  • Clearly mark the proposed location of the natural gas meter on the building's foundation.
  • Stub out the fuel line in accordance with appropriate fuel gas code.Locate and mark all private underground utilities owned by you or your firm which are not marked by VA811 such as
    • Water lines
    • Sewer laterals
    • Drain fields
    • Sprinkler systems
    • Invisible dog fences
  • The site is within 6" of final grade.
  • The proposed path of the natural gas service line is clear of debris and obstructions.
  • Be aware that the area near the proposed service line and natural gas meter must be clear of debris and physical obstructions.

Residential Multi-Family, Apartments, Condominiums (where main will be in private R/W), etc.

  • Site contact information.
  • Stake the edge of pavement or curb if not installed.
  • The foundations must be completed and/or the building corners staked including porch areas and extreme building line. Typically, the pipeline designs are dimensioned off the property lines.
  • The complex must be within six inches of the final grade in the installation area. This is asked so as not to jeopardize code compliance with the depth of the proposed pipeline installation.
  • Be aware of the proposed pipeline path and make sure that the path is clear of debris or any physical obstructions that would prevent the installation of the proposed pipeline and/or service line and natural gas meter.
  • All private underground utilities including water lines, sewer laterals, drain fields, etc., shall be marked by the applicant to clearly identify their physical location.

Important: Please be aware that failure to comply with the above-stated requirements will result in installation delay and may have potential financial ramifications.