Meter Location Standards


Meter Protection Design Requirements

Meter protection is required for gas meters with less than 5 feet of clearance between the meter and the edge of pavement or curb. Meter protection is also required if there is less than 8 feet of clearnace from the edge of any perpendicular parking surface. 

  • Meters requiring protection should have a minimum of two bollards installed. Bollards must be:
    • Minimum 4" in diameter
    • Grade B, schedule 40 steel pipe
    • Minimum 60" in length
    • Filled with concrete and domed at the top
  • Bollards must extend above grade to a distance that is sufficient to offer adequate protection to the meter.
  • Bollards must be placed in concrete-filled holes at least 24" deep and 12" in diameter.
  • The concrete must be sloped away from the bollard at grade level.
  • Bollards cannot be installed closer than 1 foot from the front of the meter set assembly and must allow adequate room for operation and maintenance activities.

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