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Special Assistance for Caregivers

This service can be a "safety net" if you or someone you care for is hospitalized, away from home for an extended time, or misses a payment on their monthly gas bill. With Third Party Notification, someone other than the account holder can be notified if service is in danger of being shut off for non-payment.

How to Add a Third Party to Your Account

Your third party can be anyone you authorize as long as both parties complete the authorization form and return it to us at the address on the form. Consider naming a trusted relative, friend, clergy member or social services agency as your third party.

How a Third Party Can Help

A third party is not obligated to pay your gas bill nor does this notification prevent your service from being shut off. This service simply alerts the third party that the account holder has not paid their gas bill and may need some help or advice. When the third party contacts us on the account holder's behalf, we can advise them on how to avoid the gas service from being shut off.

Please note: The third party does not have the right to make payment arrangements for the account holder.

Important Things to Remember:

  • Notify us immediately if you want to change or drop your designated third party
  • Notify us if you move and you want the third-party notification transferred to your new address