Business Customers

Custom Rebate Program

Get the most out of WarmWise by customizing your rebate program. While funds remain available, the WarmWise Business Custom Rebate Program can help you receive rebates for the energy-saving equipment upgrades you make outside of our existing Business Savings Program. To apply for the Business Custom Rebate Program, follow these steps:

Step 1: Ensure your business qualifies. 

To qualify for the Custom Rebate Program, a Columbia Gas of Virginia customer must install a qualifying energy efficiency measure in a separately metered commercial facility on a commercial rate schedule (SGS 1 and SGS 2, SGTS 1 and SGTS 2 and EDS). If you’re unsure about qualifications, download our WarmWise Business Custom Rebate Program Manual.

Step 2: View our list of qualifying measures.

Qualifying measures include retrofit projects of existing systems; first-time installation with qualified efficiency standards and energy savings measures.

Prospective participants may propose the inclusion of any measure that:

  • Produces a verifiable reduction in natural gas usage
  • Is installed in either existing or new construction projects
  • Has a minimum useful life of seven years
  • Exceeds minimum cost-effectiveness requirements as required by the Virginia State Corporation Commission

Examples of Eligible Measures

  • Heat-recovery installations
  • Solar hot-water heating
  • Retro-commissioning projects
  • Control system upgrades
  • Process equipment insulation improvements

Non-Qualifying Measures

Measures excluded from the WarmWise Business Custom Rebate Program include:

  • Rebates offered through the Business Savings Program
  • Measures that rely solely on change to customer behavior
  • Installations that merely terminate existing processes, facilities or operations
  • Installations that involve fuel-switching
  • Projects required by state or federal law, building or other codes or are standard industry practice
  • Projects that receive a rebate through any other energy source

Step 3: Complete the Pre-Installation Report.

Step 4: Receive approval from Columbia Gas of Virginia to proceed with the project and sign a Program Agreement Form.

Step 5: Install your approved qualifying measure.

Step 6: Complete the Post Installation Report

If you have additional questions, contact Brian Ng (919) 334-7653.