Pipeline Safety

Pipeline Safety


A pipeline right-of-way is land over and around a pipeline. Rights-of-way must be kept clear of obstructions to enable the gas company to safely operate, patrol, inspect, maintain and repair its pipelines. We regularly inspect our rights-of-ways.

What is an Easement?

A right-of-way agreement between the gas company and the property owner is called an easement. Easements provide the gas company with permanent, limited interest to the land. An easement enables us to have access, operate, test, inspect, maintain and protect our pipelines. Although agreements may vary, rights of way can extend up to 50 feet each way from the center of the pipeline.

What if You Have an Easement on Your Property?

If we have an easement on your property, you should be aware of our guidelines for encroachment and construction near our natural gas pipelines. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Do not install any structures or store anything that could be an obstruction to the right-of-way.
  • Do not plant trees or shrubs along the right-of-way. Normal gardening and agricultural activities are generally acceptable.
  • Never dig or construct anything in the area without first contacting us at 1-800-543-8911 and calling Virginia 811 (Miss Utility of Virginia) at 811 and have all utilities marked. A gas company representative will mark the pipeline, stake the right-of-way and explain our construction guidelines.
  • Learn more about what the utility markings mean at VA811.