Remodeling with Natural Gas

Remodeling with Natural Gas

Natural Gas. Comfort You Can Count On.

These days, homeowners want everything from instant hot water and gourmet kitchens to outdoor living spaces and standby generators. So how do you help save energy, reduce emissions and protect the environment without compromising comfort, style and performance? The answer is natural gas.

The Energy Choice is Yours.

Electricity powers everything in our homes from the lights to iPods. But for appliances such as stoves, space and water heaters, clothes dryers and fireplaces there is an energy choice that you can feel good about for your family and for the environment. A 1,800 square foot home using natural gas appliances will average 46 percent less carbon emissions than the same home powered exclusively with electricity.

Learn How You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

Watch this video and learn about the benefits of remodeling with natural gas.

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