Natural Gas for Your Home

Natural Gas for Your Home

Indoor Heating

Natural gas is cozier than electric. Why? Because it's circulated around your house at a temperature warmer than your body (about 110 to 130 degrees F°), making you feel warmer. Whereas, the air circulated by electric heat pumps is not as warm, leaving you feeling chilly.

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Take Advantage of All the Benefits of Heating Your Home with Natural Gas:

Efficient: Up to 96% efficient (as much as 30% more efficient than older models).

Fewer Emissions and Lower Cost: Natural gas produces fewer emissions than any other fossil fuel, including electricity (which is usually generated by burning "dirtier" fuels like coal or oil) and costs less.

Most Economical: As your home's largest energy user, your heating system should be as economical as possible. And for you, it should be as cozy as possible. That's why natural gas is your best choice. And converting is easy. So make the smart switch to natural gas today. And start saving money right away.