Natural Gas Service

Natural Gas Service

Our Gas and Meter Install Process

1. Consultation

Columbia Gas of Virginia will come out to your residence to determine the best path for the service line and a possible meter location. Refer to the Natural Gas Meter Placement Standards. You may also take this opportunity to discuss any obstructions, private utilities or other areas of concern on your property. At this point, we will also discuss the length of the service line and determine whether your new line will qualify for free installation.

2. Service Line and Meter Installation*

Columbia Gas of Virginia will call the Dig Safe hotline to mark out any underground utility lines in front of your property and obtain the necessary permits from your town. Then, we'll schedule the connection of the natural gas service line and meter. On the scheduled installation date, Columbia Gas of Virginia will dig a trench from our gas main in the street to your home and make all the proper connections. Once the service line is installed, we'll refill the trench and rake it smooth making it easier for you to replant any displaced landscaping.

3. Equipment Installation

Now that your new gas service has been completed, it's time for your plumbing/heating contractor to install your new heating system.

*Meter Installation

The gas meter is typically installed at the same time as the service line, but if it was not, you can request a gas meter by calling the New Business Department at 800-440-6111.