Customer CHOICE®

Customer CHOICE®

Help Making the Right CHOICE®

Asking the right questions is very important when making an informed decision among competitive natural gas suppliers.

Before considering a supplier, make sure that they are licensed by the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Click here to see a list of SCC suppliers. 

Carefully read all informational materials from each provider. If the materials do not answer all of the questions listed here, ask them yourself, and get the answers in writing. Be sure to obtain a copy of any contract or written agreement and read it before you agree to anything.

Questions to Ask Each Prospective Natural Gas Service Provider:

  • Are you licensed by the state of Virginia and qualified to participate in Columbia's CHOICE® program?
  • What is your price per Ccf? Is that cost a fixed charge per Ccf or is it variable? If that price is variable, how is that price determined and how often will that price change?
  • Does your offer include all fees and taxes?
  • How long is the contract that I have to sign?
  • Will I pay a penalty if I choose to switch to another supplier?
  • Will you bill me directly or through Columbia Gas as part of my monthly bill?
  • Do you offer additional services or incentives for enrollment?

Remember to get all the information you need before entering a contract. And if you have any questions about CHOICE®, call us on our Columbia Gas of Virginia DirectLink line at 1-800-543-8911