Cooking Thanksgiving Turkey Will Be Cheaper for Columbia Gas of Virginia Customers

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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This Thanksgiving, Columbia Gas of Virginia will not be able to keep family members from over eating, overstaying their welcome or mysteriously disappearing when it’s time to help with the dishes. However, the utility can help keep the stuffing in customers’ wallets.

The long-standing tradition of cooking a turkey for the Thanksgiving feast will be significantly cheaper this year compared to 2012.

Effective today, a typical residential customer consuming 100 Ccf of natural gas per month can expect a total monthly bill of $112.95 compared to $123.09 last winter or a savings of $10.14 per month (8.2%). (See Chart) These low natural gas costs are good news for Thanksgiving, a day of high natural gas consumption regardless of the weather. A report from Barclays Capital estimates that 4% of all the natural gas consumed this day, or 2.35 million cubic feet, will be used to cook an estimated 46 million turkeys. The Barclays analysts estimated that roasting a 20-pound turkey at 325 degrees consumes approximately 125 cubic feet of natural gas. This projection takes into account that just one-third of the birds will be cooked in a natural gas oven. While the rest will be prepared in electric ovens, some of the electricity will be generated by natural gas.

Columbia Gas offers the following tips to conserve natural gas and ensure safe preparation of the Thanksgiving feast:

  • Use pots and pans with lids to help food cook more quickly
  • Use the appropriate sized flame; if the gas flame is visible on the side of the pot or pan, much of the heat is being wasted
  • Use the oven light and avoid opening the oven door repeatedly to check how food is cooking, as this allows heat to escape
  • Avoid leaning too close to an open flame with loose clothing, a towel or dishcloth as this could cause them to catch fire
  • Clean range surface burners with warm, soapy water
  • As always, if customers smell natural gas at any time, they should leave the area and call Columbia Gas at 1-800-544-5606

The reduction is a result of the quarterly purchased gas cost adjustment approved by the Virginia State Corporation Commission reflecting the effects of the projected cost of natural gas for December, January and February. By law, utilities like Columbia Gas are required to pass through the costs they pay for natural gas to the consumer on a dollar for dollar basis without markup.

Columbia Gas of Virginia monthly bill comparison

For more information on steps to manage energy costs, customers can call Columbia Gas at 1-800-543-8911 or log on to

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