Columbia Gas of Virginia Adjusts Gas Costs

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
August 28, 2013 - Columbia Gas of Virginia customers will see their seasonal monthly bills decrease slightly to $40.97 from a current level of $41.74. This comparison is based on a 23 Ccf seasonal monthly usage level. A Ccf is the measurement used for natural gas usage and is the equivalent of 100 cubic feet.

The Virginia State Corporation Commission has approved Columbia’s quarterly purchased gas adjustment (PGA) rate adjustment, which will go into effect today. The PGA will decrease 5.9 cents per Ccf compared with the rate currently in effect, although the overall bill impact is moderated by offsetting adjustments in other areas.

By taking advantage of the WarmWise energy efficiency and conservation program, Columbia customers can reduce their natural gas consumption and manage their cost of energy. To learn more go to

The Budget Payment Plan allows customers to spread evenly the annual customer energy costs and customers are encouraged to use Columbia’s Direct e-bill, a paperless billing service which saves energy and the natural resources required to produce paper bills. Details on all Columbia programs can be found at

It is important to note that Columbia's gas costs are typically adjusted on a quarterly basis to reflect the price the company pays for natural gas, which by law is passed on dollar for dollar to customers without markup or profit.