Columbia Gas of Virginia Completes Repairs to Damaged Natural Gas Facility and Is Restoring Service to Customers in Westwood Village

Saturday, June 01, 2013
For Release:
June 1, 2013

Contact: Bob Innes
(804) 768-6410
(804) 512-1425 - cellular

Chester, VA –June 1, 2013– Columbia Gas of Virginia has repaired the damaged natural gas line on Westwood Village Way in Chesterfield County. The 2 inch main natural gas line was damaged by a third-party contractor on Friday night and it resulted in the loss of natural gas service to 124 residents of Westwood Village Apartments. No injuries were reported.

As a result of the extensive damage, the repair work took longer than expected to complete. Columbia Gas crews worked overnight and into Saturday to safely repair and restore service. Company personnel have started restoring service to Westwood Village residents and all residents will have service restored Saturday afternoon.

Protecting underground utilities is a shared responsibility of any person digging near an underground utility. Columbia Gas reminds any homeowner or professional excavator to always call 811 and have the utilities located and marked prior to digging. Once the utilities have been marked it is important to always Dig with CARE around the marked utilities. CARE stands for a simple four step process in avoiding property loss or personal injury. CARE stands for:
• Call 811 before digging
• Allow the required time for .locating
• Respect and protect the marks.
• Excavate carefully.

Columbia Gas advises any person smelling natural gas (similar to rotten eggs) to take the following safety steps.

• If you smell the odor of natural gas inside, please leave immediately.
• Call 911 and Columbia Gas at 800-544-5606 from a safe location.
• Stay there until a gas company representative arrives, or leave a note on your door stating the location where you can be reached.
• If an appliance is out, do not attempt to re-light it –whether or not you smell the odor of gas. Columbia Gas representatives will restore service to your appliances.
• If you detect natural gas, do not use matches, electric switches or any kinds of appliances or motorized tools.

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