Natural Gas Service Interrupted for Customers in Randolph Square and part of Lower Tuckahoe Subdivisions in Goochland County

Tuesday, August 09, 2011
Contact: Bob Innes
(804) 768-6410
(804) 512-1425 - cellular

Aug. 9, 2011– Columbia Gas of Virginia is in the process of making repairs to its natural gas main pipeline damaged by a third-party contractor earlier today. The incident has resulted in the loss of natural gas service to customers in two Goochland County subdivisions, Randolph Square and a portion of Lower Tuckahoe. Columbia Gas expects to have natural gas service restored to all customers tonight.

To restore natural gas service to those impacted customers, Columbia Gas has a five step process for service restoration:
Step 1 – Stop the flow of natural gas from the damaged main pipeline
Step 2 – Make repairs to the damaged main pipeline
Step 3 – Representatives must go door-to-door and shut off the individual natural gas meters at each residence.
Step 4 – Reenter natural gas to the underground pipeline system once repairs are completed.
Step 5 – Return to each residence and turn on the individual natural gas meters, perform a safety check and relight all customer natural gas appliances.

Columbia Gas of Virginia advises any person smelling natural gas to take the following safety steps.

• If you smell the odor of natural gas inside, please leave immediately.
• Call 911 and Columbia Gas at 800-544-5606 from a safe location.
• Stay there until a gas company representative arrives, or leave a note on your door stating where you can be reached.
• If an appliance is out, do not attempt to re-light it –whether or not you smell the odor of gas. Columbia Gas representatives will restore service to your appliances.
• If you detect natural gas, do not use matches, electric switches or any kinds of appliances or motorized tools.
• All Columbia Gas representatives have marked vehicles, photo identification and wear uniforms.