Convert to Natural Gas

Convert to Natural Gas


Now is a great time to convert to natural gas. Natural gas prices are the lowest and most stable in nearly a decade. Based on recent pricing, you could save up to 25% or more compared to other energy sources when you convert to natural gas heat! And Columbia Gas of Virginia customers can save even more money through WarmWise, our energy-efficiency and conservation program.

Consider Converting to Natural Gas

Clean: Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, helping to reduce our carbon footprint. Learn more about the environmental benefits of natural gas.

Efficient: When you use natural gas, 90% of what is delivered to your home is considered useful energy, as opposed to electricity, which, according to the Department of Energy, loses more than 2/3 of its usable energy in its generation and transmission from the producer to your home.

Cost Effective: Saving energy equates to saving money and you can save when you convert to a high-efficiency natural gas heating system and high-efficiency hot water heaters.

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Watch the video below to learn more about converting to natural gas.

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